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Buck-Naked in Bryce

     What is it about nature that just makes you want to take your clothes off?  Somehow it seems unkind to allow the pristine beauty of fresh air, majestic mountains, hellacious hoodoos, and perfumed pine, to bare their all unaccompanied!  Bryce Canyon, Utah, has some of the most magnificent views and breath-taking beauty that has ever been viewed by this human and it seemed wrong somehow to not join in the spectacle of naked nature…so I did!

     Hiking on one of the marked trails, a companion and I discovered the loveliest little river that when followed, led us to its more hidden beauties: a waterfall!  At the bottom of the falls was a rather large pool that eddied up and over and around the surrounding rocks and within the pool was the most striking jade-blue water; it seemed only a matter of time before clothes were off and we were in!  The pool’s location was somewhat isolated and the fear of others coming upon us was minimal, so we frolicked like children in our birthday suits and it was glorious!  The freedom of splashing around, buck-naked in nature, is one of modern life’s remaining simple pleasures and the experience is not to be missed.  The only thing that would have topped the experience would have been to culminate our swim in doing-the-deed, but alas, the water was too cold and … need I say more?!

The satisfaction of completely un-plugging for a few days, leaving all technology behind, was a salve for the soul that every human should allow themselves to experience on a regular basis.  To know that the outside world cannot intrude upon such a serene and peaceful back-drop was very comforting (and ironic!) and that does not even take into account sleeping under the stars, naked, in the unimpeded blackness of the warm night.  The sounds of birds, cicadas, and chipmunks as they rustled about was the perfect cure for my over-stimulated soul and I reveled in the benefits of its healing powers.  I contemplated the paradoxes of life as I realized that 100-years ago humans were divining ways to enhance their comforts and the contrasting modern culture’s need  to step away from those very same luxuries.  To experience the miraculous effects of healing nature by living outdoors for a few days was glorious!  The sex was awesome, the sleep was sound, and I didn’t even mention how much better the food tasted…!

Did I hear someone say “Road-trip”?

Lying Naked in Flannel Sheets

One more holiday to go and it’s officially 2016!  I am trudging my way through the busy-ness that assaults my life during this time of year and I am yearning for the comfort of my bed and my flannel sheets!  With the holidays comes traveling, strange beds, going here and there incessantly, and all other kinds of frenetic activity; my soul, my mind, require down- time in order to function properly and nothing but lying absolutely naked, and enveloped within the womb-like comfort of my flannel sheets, can satisfy.

I arrived home late last night and I could hear the whisper of my beloved bed calling to me; in fact, the last hour of travel was spent fantasizing about crawling into my sanctuary, my cocoon of comfort and respite.  As soon as all of the essential tasks were complete, I headed for the reward of all of my efforts: my bed.  There is nothing like the sensation of unimpeded skin, surrounded within the embrace of flannel, to stimulate the hedonistic pleasures of pure, tactile nakedness.  It just feels so good!  I can honestly think of nothing more satisfying and comforting when alone.  My senses become completely engaged as I crawl into my petal-scented, pure-cotton flannels and the thrill of soft warmth assaults every exposed area of my body.  I can hear the crinkle-crunch of my down comforter as I savor contentment in every taste bud.  Bliss.  I burrow down into the pleasure and safety of my beloved bed and all of the world, for a time, goes away…




Primitive Rhythms

I participated in the most unusual experience last night: I went out into the middle of the desert with a group of people and beat a drum to the setting sun.  The purity and humbleness of the Native American drums when combined with the sound of the aurora drums, was magical and time-travel mysterious.  Very soothing and sensual, I became aware of the rhythms and vibrations which helped my mind and body ease into a more primitive and relaxed state.   The setting sun positioned itself against the backdrop of purple desert mountains and it was as if I could feel the awareness of an old soul in union with a former dimension of raw naked life, amidst raw naked beauty.

I wasn’t certain what kind of humans participated in this weekly gathering, maybe some old hippies or New-Agers…?  I am willing to try anything once, so I came with some friends and an open mind; turns out that the people were completely average, no hippies or witches, and they gather once per week to release the stresses of modern life and to embrace the simplicity of the musical heart beating to the rhythms of nature.  In an age when everything has become so complicated, the unencumbered and raw sounds of beauty are most welcome.  I just might try it again…?

Simple Things…

I love the first cup of coffee in the morning.  When I first open my eyes and stumble my way into the kitchen, I am a sleep-blind woman who goes through the motions on auto-pilot until the brew has completed its cycle.  The aroma, the sounds of the machinery, the feel of my favorite cup, are all catalysts that trigger the pistons in my brain until signs of neural activity start to appear.  The fog lifts as I take that first, pleasurable, dopamine-charged swallow, and suddenly I behold the promise of a new day.  I revel in the ecstasy of its warm, perfectly mocha-colored smoothness as it rolls over my tongue and caresses my taste buds with its embrace of sweetness and bitterness, perfectly mated…as I swallow.

All too soon the glory is ended and the bottom of the cup is in sight.  The second cup is never as magical.  Try as I might to recapture the nirvana of the first cup, it is impossible.  Who would have guessed that such a small pleasure would hold so much promise?  I can’t wait for tomorrow!

“I’m just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round…” -J. Lennon

I always feel like I should be doing “more” and that I am wasting my life if it is not crammed full of activity.  This feeling brings with it a state of futility and hopelessness that once started, is very difficult to shake.  What if I just accepted the fact that this “down” time is really preparation time for that indefinable future that is beyond my wildest imagination?

The truth is that I really need this down time to explore my inner world to seek out the hidden blocks to the abundance which I know exists within the constructs of blood, brain, and neural pathways.

I must always live somewhere quiet—where I can hear myself think and feel my heart beating.  To listen to the sounds of life around me is pure bliss, and to sit and observe the living creatures going on about the business of living, is pure joy.  Not the exuberant, loud and disruptive joy, but the kind that is quiet and expansive and knows no limits.


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