I think about this blog every day…I miss it.  I am consumed by academic writing at the present and it literally bleeds me out of creativity and sunshine and kittens and everything warm and fuzzy in this world.  A bit dramatic I know, but when you are constantly at the mercy of due dates, grades, peel-your-face-off boring textbooks, and all other manifestations of academia, whatcha gonna do?  Enough whining, I am boring myself…

I have been contemplating my focus for this blog.  I usually just write whatever is on my mind but trust me, you do not want to read about my studies!  A friend told me that I am selling myself short by only writing about sex and such and that I have a lot more to offer and  I have to admit that I haven’t had much action lately and I find that I am in need of some serious research material!  I have a liaison planned for this next week and I am so looking forward to the Breakfast of Champions!

In the meantime, I have been noticing lately that there seems to be this trend for women to have fat from their ass injected into their lips…!  Seriously.  I have personally viewed a few myself and all that I can say is: What the hell?!  Then it finally occurred to me that women are putting their pussies on their face.  Are we really that sexually terrified?  Is sex really that dangerous that you have to wear on your face what belongs down yonder?  When you spot a pair of these babies you cannot help but stare and it isn’t because they are so drop-dead gorgeous, it’s because you are looking at some chick with her pussy on her face.  This trend has been the cat’s meow for awhile (hee hee) and I believe that I have figured it out: just think about a woman performing fellatio with those large, full, soft, and wet protuberances, and you see what I mean?  Another way for plastic surgeons to make money while exploiting the age-old biological response to the pussy…as for me, I’m keeping mine between my legs where it belongs.

Ahhh, that felt sooo good!