When I say weiner, I do not mean an actual weiner but the dog next door.  I am an animal lover and I would never harm one of our furry friends but the persistent barking of an untrained dog is enough to drive any woman over the edge!  Something as innocent as sitting in the backyard, under the shade of a Chilean Mesquite and enjoying a nice, hot cup of joe in the morning cool is almost nonexistent since my new neighbors have moved in next door.  The new resident is well aware of the disturbance of her animal and insists on talking to him as if he can reason this issue out with her and come to some kind of mature conclusion and decide not to bark at the person he sees everyday going to and from work, cleaning up the yard, taking out the trash, cleaning the garage, etc.  I have thought about squirting him with a water-bottle when he is being particularly annoying but I have my doubts on its effectiveness; I have tried borrowing my daughter’s dog and with earplugs in place, I let Wilma run up and down the yard for two hours which naturally caused the little critter to bark spastically the whole time.  My thinking was along the lines of aversion therapy and although the little fur-ball was tired, he was back on his game the very next day without even a hoarse note!  I feel like taking a gun and shooting the little bastard but he is otherwise pretty cute and I realize that I might be underestimating the effects of some additional tension in my life due to my ongoing state of sexual abstinence.  Oh, the trials and tribulations caused by the weiner… what is a girl to do?!