Existential Exhibitionism: Part VI

It was a necessity.  One of those bits of mundanity that a single woman simply could not do without: a clothes dryer.  Hers had bit the dust days earlier and scouring the ads she finally settled on a palatable purchase.  She made the necessary arrangements and waited expectantly for its delivery between the hours of noon and two.

Finally, the delivery truck approached her house and the driver got out and knocked upon her door.  She had watched him as he strode from the vehicle and up the sidewalk to her house.  Hmmm….nice, she thought to herself.

His knock upon the door was solid and purposeful; she responded by opening and was pleased to see a very fine 20-something standing in front of her.  Their eyes met for a split-second and she knew that he frequently had these encounters in the daily course of business.  Certainly, he wouldn’t be offended by an admiring, experienced female appreciating his, um…assets?

She watched him as he efficiently went about the business of removing the old unit and installing the new one.  He was young, probably 25 or so, but he had that air of sexuality about him, and there had been that split-second eye-fuck at the door…?

She decided to make her move: she asked him if he wanted something to drink and casually pulled him into a bit of conversation.  Once the niceties were finished, the woman offered him a tip and he gratefully accepted.  Their eyes lingered for a moment and she wanted to grab him and plant a deep, wet kiss on those tasty-looking lips, but…

She watched him drive away, leaving her to her fantasies and unsatisfied desires.  Life was a bitch sometimes and there just wasn’t any rhyme or reason to it some days; just when she thought the dull activities of life were showing promise, just as quickly she let the opportunity disappear.  Damn it!

Just then her phone sounded and a text appeared: “Thank you, Sweetness.  That was really nice of you.”  She answered with the appropriate response and added: “Interested…?”  His reply revealed that the day had not been a waste after all…!

To be continued…