I had recently listened to a fellow bloggers audio post of an excruciatingly pleasurable session of an intense sexual encounter combined with a good, hard spanking (thank you, CreamofthePlanet.com) and I was determined to discover whether the experience truly lived up to its hype.  A spanking seemed a bit apropos on Mother’s Day and I didn’t have to wait long before an opportunity presented itself.  Pondering the possibilities of this new adventure, I must say that I was intrigued with the contrasts between pain and pleasure and how the two would combine; let it suffice to say that the adventure did not disappoint!

There is something very mysterious about the way that our brains work when it comes to the sensation of pain.  The systemic release of dopamine by the brain begins to work in conjunction with an increased blood flow to the perceived injury and this, consequently, is the same formula that is activated when we feel pleasure (Thorn, 2016).  The brain pays no attention to distinguishing between the two and this is one of the reasons that we can enjoy the pleasure of some types of pain—and this type of pain is definitely pleasurable!

At first, my partner was a bit hesitant but he soon realized the benefits of this rough play and became only too eager to indulge my fantasies.  After some superficially pleasing sex-play, I suggested that we listen to the audio recording and do our own re-enactment (thank you, again, Cream!); the shock of that first slap resulted in an instantaneous squeal and then I became aware of something else entirely: my vagina became luxuriously steaming hot and wet as my brain reacted to the pain/pleasure sensations.  Not only did the ensuing high from my own body chemicals heighten the physical sensations of a good pounding but I became increasingly turned-on as I became conscious of how my body was responding by increasing my natural lubrication. The only action required of my partner after that was to simply hold his cock in place against my G-spot while I proceeded to orgasm with incredible force and rapturous pleasure!

So, my final review of the experiment was that the experience was both naughty and fun.   A smarting spank (or two, or three!) on the bum resulted in sensational sex, squealing laughter, and a nicely sore reminder of the evening’s amusements that lasted several days!  Happy Mother’s Day!