This was going completely out of her comfort zone and she knew that she was taking a huge risk.  However, knowing and doing are two entirely different concepts and she was definitely going to be “doing” a gorgeous man today!  Many times she had imagined such a risque’ adventure as this and at last she was going to surmount everything that had ever gone before.   Yes, this was going to be raising the ante quite a bit and she did not deny that fact for a moment.  Each time she had tried something adventurous, she would wallow in its glory for a time and then the episode had to be repeated, or she had to find a way to increase the thrill.  She had become the serial killer of sexual conquest and she could not, and would not, stop.

She turned the corner and parked behind the convenience store.  Slipping her panties off and making certain that she was fresh and hot, she prepared to meet her quarry.  How would she take him? She hadn’t thought that far ahead but it didn’t trouble her; she was a connoisseur of hot and horny sex in a variety of places and this was to be no different.  The craziest place she had ever done it was in a vacant house that an attractive and willing real estate fox had taken her to view.  She didn’t care for the home but she enjoyed him.  The thrill of knowing that someone could come through the door at any moment and catch them only added to the excitement.  In the end, she lost herself completely in her sensual ecstasy and couldn’t care less if the Pope himself were standing in the doorway!  Memories, they were sweet and hot.  She was really wet now.

At last, he came walking around the corner.  He looked a little surprised and then a little nervous when he saw her sitting in her car.  Almost wishing that she had blown him off, he walked over to her with trepidation and an embarrassed and goofy smile.

“Isn’t this where I am supposed to ask you if you are a cop?”

She nodded her head and told him to get in.  He quickly looked around and opened the car door.  The red interior of the Cadillac seemed particularly suited for such an encounter and he couldn’t help thinking that he was being really stupid but he couldn’t help himself; it was as though a force beyond himself were compelling him to obey her every word and it was such a turn-on that he felt himself rise and swell in response to her commands. He felt as though he had hit the lottery and his excitement and desire were difficult to control.

As he settled into the seat she reached over and grabbed his hair and pulled his mouth down to hers and kissing him deeply, she buried her tongue in his mouth.  They were both breathing heavily and the tension was palpable: she wanted him and he wasn’t going to resist.  She roughly unbuttoned his shirt and inserting her hand she found his nipples and pinched them into hardness.  Then she began to suck on them while unzipping his pants.  His penis announced itself like a “jack-in-the-box” and there was no mistaking his surrender.  Unbuttoning her blouse, she placed his hands on her full breasts and mounted his lap.  Surprise– no panties! he vaguely remembered thinking just before she pounded herself down on his erect and throbbing cock.  Instantly he felt the sensations of hot and slippery wetness and it was all he could do to refrain from cumming that very moment.  He was being broken-in and she rode him like a stallion who was being mounted for the first time.  Reveling in her conquest and sensual pleasure, she capitulated with one orgasm after another as his hardness hammered inside her again and again…

This might have been her first rodeo but it would not be her last, she thought as he relinquished his desire in one final burst.


Stay tuned….