I heard his voice

And from inside

I felt him.

My senses awakened

and my focus rebelled…

He is approaching and

in spite of myself,

I surrender.

I writhe and struggle

as I battle to retain

what is rightfully mine.

There was a time

when no struggle existed

And I surrendered without


I allowed him to define me

To determine my value

I gave myself to him, without restraint and

I thought that he made me desirable

and sought-after;

I thought that he

enabled me

To be fiery and fierce

And I was…

for a time

Until he moved on

To someone else.

And I was left

to pick-up the pieces

And rebuild myself,

one fragment at a time.

I heard his voice and

then, I felt him…

My senses awakened and

My focus rebelled;

He is approaching

and in spite of myself

I do not surrender.