The woman presented a polished outside appearance which belied the savage sexuality  that simmered just under her composed surface.  At times, a fearful uncertainty would arise; she had consciously worked to keep the compartmentalization of her two selves distinct and separate and the thought that this carefully constructed delineation would somehow begin to dissolve left her uneasy, but not enough to abandon the hunt.  The camouflage of respectability and decorum would be unceremoniously pushed aside in pursuit of a new game and her intense focus would shift once again; new quarry meant a new challenge and therein would lay some of the thrill.  Amidst her fears, a sense of smug confidence and mischief often created great pleasure in her fantasies of being caught or discovered; never had anyone ever hinted or intimated that they were aware of her secret life but the imagined exposure was very intriguing and occupied many of her thoughts.
This particular night was going to be an experiment.  An experiment in seeking and finding the kind of thrill for which the woman hungered in order to satiate her desires and to validate the sensation of being fully and wholly alive.  When the craving would hit,  animal instincts would rush to the surface like an underwater diver who is starving for oxygen. Once the surface was breached, her instincts would trigger a hyper-awareness to every sight, sound, taste, and smell.  Instantaneously, her pupils would dilate and her blood would begin to pulsate and pound throughout her body.  She was acutely aware that nothing else mattered to her at those moments but the prey that was within her sights and the submission of that prey to her will.   The intensity of this heightened sensory explosion deliciously revealed itself by the increase in temperature and moisture between her legs.  It was nothing short of nuclear and it was fantastic!
Pulling up to the stop light, the woman glanced casually to her left and then to her right.  Traffic was moderately heavy this early evening but she happened to catch a glimpse of something in her peripheral vision and without being consciously aware, her sights zeroed-in on testosterone-saturated prey and he was openly looking at her. The presence of glass and metal presented no barrier for the electric current of lust and desire that was emitted and exchanged.  The game was on and she was in her element!  She allowed the tip of her tongue to linger as she licked her lips and looked boldly into his eyes; he winked and smiled and proceeded to turn as the signal changed and traffic began to move.  Her appetite had been triggered and there was no going home with an empty stomach…as soon as it was possible, she made a quick U-turn and approached his truck at the gas station.  He smiled when he saw her and she knew she would have him.
She got out of her car, being careful to make certain that the top of her thigh-high stockings were revealed under her casually hiked-up skirt.  Never taking her eyes off of him, she felt as though she had super-human vision and could see a light sweat present on his handsome and slightly whiskered face.  He had deeply chiseled features and piercing eyes that gave her the impression that he was already imagining her naked.  His body was muscular and hard and he had the delicious scent of man emanating from his every pore.  She walked boldly up to him and stuck her hand into the top of his pants and grabbing onto his belt she said, “Don’t talk.  Meet me in the back of the building in five and I will give you something that you will never forget…”  He opened his mouth to speak and she gently touched her finger to his lips and at once he was silenced.
To be continued…