Cheesecake.  Just saying its name conjures up visions of smooth and creamy indulgence.  There is absolutely nothing more delectable than a proportionate-sized piece of this rich goodness which causes the memory of its consumption to linger and if it is exceptionally tasty, the desire for more will never be sated.  In order to fully enjoy this epicurean experience, it is essential that you have a  craving for its unique offerings: an earthy, musky smell that creates instant salivation, the right balance of perfect sweetness and creaminess that instantly registers melt-in-your-mouth goodness by isolating and triggering those taste buds whose only purpose is to signal a complete sense of satisfaction in the brain.  Added to this sensory experience, the sounds of complete quiescent pleasure which emanate from the lucky ones to which it is given.

Which brings me to my own personal recipe.  I take pains to make certain that this dessert is presented in its glory: contrasting linens to accentuate the color and texture of its pale ecru smoothness, the proper accessories to aid in its consumption, and an atmosphere of decadent indulgence to cap-off the experience.  Nothing is left undone and there is no detail is too small to accentuate and emphasize the ceremony of the occasion.

Love affairs share the same hedonistic pleasures as a piece of cheesecake.  As a dessert, they can compliment an ordinary predictable meal, however, as the main course….not so interesting.  The enjoyment of a decadent pleasure can only be accomplished once the drudgery and necessity of responsibility has been fulfilled.  If a tantalizing treat becomes the Fare-of-the-Day, it is no longer a treat and loses it appeal as something special.  To be able to enjoy being the treat without the desire of being the daily special, is an art to which women who are cheesecake understand: passion or predictability?  Titillation or tedium?  Which have you chosen?