I had a dream that the world was covered with water and that the people who had managed to survive, all existed on bits of floating materials and platforms.  Quite unlike Costner’s Waterworld, this moment of time had recently occurred and had not progressed to anything organized.  One aspect of the dream, however, was very profound: beautiful works of art (none recognizable) were floating on the top of the water.  All of the colors were extremely vivid and almost surreal in their intensity and their beauty was enough to take my breath away.  I was not alone in this observation and others came to look and be encouraged by these bits of beauty and inspiration.  Some began to take these floating pieces and the next thing with which I became aware was that they were gone.  When I began to look for them, I soon observed that some people had begun to hoard these treasured pieces of earthly beauty and there were none left for those who came simply to enjoy.  I think this prophetic bit of sack-time is a direct correlation to our current state of affairs: when we insist on possessing what was meant to be shared, the only thing left for us to share is its loss.

Kinda serious, not at all sexy, but it’s Sunday!