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December 2015

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Lying Naked in Flannel Sheets

One more holiday to go and it’s officially 2016!  I am trudging my way through the busy-ness that assaults my life during this time of year and I am yearning for the comfort of my bed and my flannel sheets!  With the holidays comes traveling, strange beds, going here and there incessantly, and all other kinds of frenetic activity; my soul, my mind, require down- time in order to function properly and nothing but lying absolutely naked, and enveloped within the womb-like comfort of my flannel sheets, can satisfy.

I arrived home late last night and I could hear the whisper of my beloved bed calling to me; in fact, the last hour of travel was spent fantasizing about crawling into my sanctuary, my cocoon of comfort and respite.  As soon as all of the essential tasks were complete, I headed for the reward of all of my efforts: my bed.  There is nothing like the sensation of unimpeded skin, surrounded within the embrace of flannel, to stimulate the hedonistic pleasures of pure, tactile nakedness.  It just feels so good!  I can honestly think of nothing more satisfying and comforting when alone.  My senses become completely engaged as I crawl into my petal-scented, pure-cotton flannels and the thrill of soft warmth assaults every exposed area of my body.  I can hear the crinkle-crunch of my down comforter as I savor contentment in every taste bud.  Bliss.  I burrow down into the pleasure and safety of my beloved bed and all of the world, for a time, goes away…




The Insight of Dreams

I had a dream that the world was covered with water and that the people who had managed to survive, all existed on bits of floating materials and platforms.  Quite unlike Costner’s Waterworld, this moment of time had recently occurred and had not progressed to anything organized.  One aspect of the dream, however, was very profound: beautiful works of art (none recognizable) were floating on the top of the water.  All of the colors were extremely vivid and almost surreal in their intensity and their beauty was enough to take my breath away.  I was not alone in this observation and others came to look and be encouraged by these bits of beauty and inspiration.  Some began to take these floating pieces and the next thing with which I became aware was that they were gone.  When I began to look for them, I soon observed that some people had begun to hoard these treasured pieces of earthly beauty and there were none left for those who came simply to enjoy.  I think this prophetic bit of sack-time is a direct correlation to our current state of affairs: when we insist on possessing what was meant to be shared, the only thing left for us to share is its loss.

Kinda serious, not at all sexy, but it’s Sunday!

Back-Door Man

I have had this “write” on my mind for a bit and  one thing that I noticed immediately is that every phrase that comes to mind seems to offer open season for punning when the topic is anal sex!  A somewhat sensitive issue,  I wanted to approach the matter on an experiential level aimed at relating the facts, along with the nuts and bolts of the adventure.  Needless to say, this required some revolutions in the hamster wheel before being able to relate the subject with objectivity and to successfully share the physical practicalities.  The focus of my mental masturbation is quite obviously a touchy topic and for those of you who have not tried it, I have to say that no well-rounded (ahem) sexual syllabus is complete without giving it a shot!

I am fortunate to have a sexy and sensuous FWB who is willing and able to try new things and this excites me more than a double shot of espresso with an adrenaline chaser!  My heart starts pounding and my hands begin to shake at the very thought of a rendezvous with him and this particular occasion was no exception, however, I had some trepidation about the back-door adventure due to my lack of experience.  I know that the right amount of pressure applied on the anus, and even a slight fingertip insertion, can cause a sensational orgasm when sex-ing it up doggie-style, but to have it as the main course…well, that was another matter entirely!   So, I began preparations by cleaning things up a bit (not optional!), after which I was ready to be teased, touched, and turned-on!  Once pre-heating was accomplished, I rolled over onto my side. My research all pointed to side entry as being the best way to be able to receive penetration and to better enable easing his penis slowly inside (did you hear: SLOWLY..?!) in order to enjoy the pleasure this position has to offer (you mustn’t forget the lube!).  The concentration of nerve endings in this area can only rival the concentration found in the clitoris and to experience them both at the same time is to conjure up images of the historic explosion of Mount Vesuvius as it destroyed Pompeii!  In short, the experience was exciting, orgasmic, and very exotic!  I felt as though I had truly arrived at the pinnacle of my sexual prime by engaging in this wild adventure.

I must confess, however, that I remain a fan of my vagina and I really prefer the standard menu fare with all of its side dishes, however, with the promise of orgasmic nirvana, I am willing to try anything once, or twice, or…?!

Sunday Musings

I woke up excited this morning because it was Sunday!  This is the day that I have devoted to posting on this blog whatever crazy, silly, reflective, or creative thoughts that come into my consciousness.  Today, I woke up thinking about why I love sex so much and why I am so preoccupied with the subject.  Besides the obvious benefits, what is it specifically that drives my thoughts and desires…?  Have I merely succumbed to the mammalian instinctual drive (even though I no longer pro-create) or is there something deeper to this sensual experience?

My thoughts were swirling on this topic while I was reading a piece written by Camus on the tendency to view busyness as a prerequisite of a full and productive life.  However, the activities with which we humans often routinely engage as a part of our daily lives, are often mindless; in other words, we travel through most of our day on auto-pilot.  In fact, the majority of hours that I spend as a “paid employee” are exactly that: automatic.  I cannot begin to count the days that I have looked at the clock in surprise because of the lateness of the hour (my job is very hectic at times) and how the time seemed to have “flown-by.”  Camus challenges this phenomenon by offering the perspective that we waste the majority of our preciously fleeting moments of life with this type of out-of-body activity.

So, what does this have to do with sex?  It is true that when I am anticipating an encounter, my mind is often not in the present moment but is instead thinking about the pleasures to come; while I am preparing my body and my specifically chosen garments, I am almost always thinking about the look of pleasure and anticipation upon his face.  I also think about how I want to set the stage for his first glimpse of me in order to further provoke our appetites.  However, once all of this has come to pass, I am fully, irretrievably, and unreservedly, in the present moment.  During sexual, sensual pleasures, I am fully in the dimensional space of that sensation, that activity, that excitement, and the enjoyment that I am bringing to my partner and myself.  I purposefully take note of each of my five senses and I deliberately involve each one in the experience; I am fully cognizant of being in a continuum where time does not exist and the outside world, for a time, has disappeared.  The glorious experience of sex is escapism in its most relevant function.  To lose myself in a timeless and weightless space of sensual delight, is for me the highest form of human expression which is not permitted to exist in any other dimension than that of the present.

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