I admit it: I am a literature snob and I have lately become enamored of D.H. Lawrence’s sizzling prose.  The author’s descriptions of the male-female coital-connection is so sexy and smart that I cannot believe how well its steamy secrets have been kept in relative obscurity!   Reading Lawrence’s account of the clandestine relationship between Lady Chatterley and the gamekeeper, Mellors, is so hot that I had to take a moment to reflect upon its profound impact on my own respiration.  Lacking the sometimes excruciating detail of today’s prose, the author’s impact is attributed to what has not been communicated and is instead left to the reader’s imagination (and I am in complete possession of mine!) and this adds to its sensuous and steamy effect upon my pulse-rate, among other things!  Augmenting this reaction, the vision of a strong and assertive male who does not hesitate to take skillful charge in the pursuit of a pleasurable encounter, is itself a source of delectable excitement.  He is a man who, after all, knows how to work with his hands!

The fantasy of a man, like Mellors, is euphoric because he only wants what the woman has to offer in her physical body: a mutually shared experience of passionate pleasure and physical connection.   As a single woman, I sometimes just miss the feel of a naked, bare-chested embrace; humans were created for relationship and in this virtual-relationship age, the physical contact can be relegated to a less than deserved lower-placed ranking.  Lady Chatterley senses in Mellors the uncomplicated promises of physical pleasure that touch upon tenderness, tactile sensation, and dialog kept to a minimum…there is a lot to be said for a loss of words (no pun intended) and Mellors’ character accomplishes this feat with exceptionally powerful simplicity.  Intellectually, he is a man of the world and because he is content within himself, he is only in need of what he cannot supply: the flesh and passion of a woman.  The same is true of Lady Chatterley; she is educated and somewhat independent for her time.  Her husband is a gentleman, an intellectual, and he is very much impressed with his own smart circle of friends and their cerebral discourses and she has begun to tire of all of this loquacity and longs for pure, non-analytical touch.  Her life has become so complicated that she cannot enjoy the fulfillment of a basic human need without it being talked to death.

Words can serve the purpose of mental foreplay to stimulate and prep the soil for what is to be sown but they were never meant to be a replacement for true human contact.  The comparison between modern times and the era of Lady Chatterley’s Lover could not be more in contrast however, the same human frustrations of sex, intimacy, and need for genuine human connection, still persist.  This great piece of classic literature was written one hundred years ago but still remains relevant today.  To ingest this read in its fullness, is a pleasure that almost equals the intensity and climax of Lady Chatterley in the hands of her lover!