So, I had a little adventure this week with the “P” spot…I am not sure how this is supposed to play-out but the adventure did not live up to its hype.  Even with adequate lube and a gentle hand… um, finger…it was awkward and giving oral at the same time, well, was a lot like an Olympic sport; this is to say that it required considerable coordination, endurance, and the ability to finish strong!  This is not to mention the mental acuity of remaining sensitive to the…um, sensitivities of my partner.  I felt that the simultaneous physical, and mental maneuvering was a bit tricky and although I thought that the practicalities of this new experiment may be challenging, I felt that the rewards would be worth whatever efforts needed to be made.

The excitement of trying something new and the anticipation of pleasing this delicious man was exhilarating.  We had been planning to explore this new territory for several weeks and the moment finally arrived; I had visions of the rapturous pleasure he would experience as the stimulation of his sweet spot caused the orgasm of all orgasms!  Alas, accessing the sweet spot turned out to be a lot like Lewis and Clark looking for the northwest passage: they never found what they were after but they did learn a few valuable lessons about the geography.  Perhaps this is a technique that requires practice and perseverance?  I don’t know if my FWB will be willing to try again, however, I am not willing to give up just yet!