Thursday is my favorite day of the week.  There has always been a big deal made over “hump-day” because it is the middle of the week but I prefer Thursday, hands-down.  Thursday is the day of the work week that gets everything started as the weekend is scoped-out, plans are made,  and the excitement begins to build as I look forward to every working woman’s reward: Friday night!  Thursday sets the stage and can determine the level of my anticipation which is dependent upon the promise of what is to come (no pun intended).  Thursday can leave me breathless, excited, and anxious for the big event, such as a party, or a date, or just a quiet weekend at home.  It doesn’t really matter, all I know is that Thursday is the day that I look forward to with pleasure because my work week is almost finished and my real life begins.  Foreplay is much the same: the anticipation, the tension building, the senses are focused, and finally the epitome of ecstasy arrives as the realization of my closeness to Friday is almost there!  Thursday is the point at which I reach that sweet agony between pleasure in a week well-spent, and the capitulation of  sublime release.  Yes, Thursday is a day in which to look forward with eager anticipation…yes, oh yes!