Reflections: Deep Purple! What an incredibly talented combination of musical genius. Within their music, I hear the roots of future heavy metal, the unresolved angst of the 60s, the fierce sexuality of the 70s, and the opportunity to escape life for awhile through the emotion of chords, keyboard, and the beauty of a well-played bad-ass electric guitar! I am there, completely in the moment–feeling the music as if I were playing it myself…and in some ways, I am. Ritchie Blackmore did not express his killer vocals like the old days and I am sure those days have passed for him; although Steven Tyler is as good as ever. Ian Pace was on his game and still plays some killer drums! This brings me to another bit of reality: I am looking around the E Center and I notice that there are so many people in wheelchairs…? I almost wonder if a group of some sort has assembled for this concert–then, it hits me: this is the age demographic! I make a mental note of balding, paunchy men and graying, overweight females, and canes; then there is a population of 30-somethings throughout the crowd sporting t-shirts that say “Make everything louder than everything else!” (Those of you who are Purple fans will understand!) However, the music transports each one of us back to a time when we were young, unstoppable, fierce, sexually intense and we possessed the future and claimed it as our own.
The concert ends and after a balls-to-the-wall encore, the band is obviously feeling very appreciated and they tell us that they love us as the lights go dark and the present returns.